We provide care for the following pets:

Dogs and Cats

Wellness Examinations

Preventive health care includes yearly physical examinations, immunizations, (necessary to prevent infectious diseases ) and laboratory testing. New Puppy and kitten immunizations and wellness plans are available.


We provide a full range of soft tissue surgery, including routine sterilizations, feline de-clawing, c-section and growth removals. For all surgeries, we use isoflourane gas anesthesia which is safe and effective. Postoperatively, patients are given a pain injection. This helps to speed up recovery time by allowing the animal to take food and nourishment sooner the next day
then if they were in pain.


Routine cleanings are recommended for dogs and cats to prevent gingivitis /periodontal disease, loss of teeth and overall BAD BREATH. We have an up to date, top of the line dental machine for dentistry.

Recently we have added Nonanesthetic Dentals to our practice. Please schedule an appointment to see if your pet is a candidate for this safe and effective procedure. This procedure has becme so popular that Dr. Chapman now offers nonanesthetic dental days once a month.


Feline Immunizations: One out of every ten thousands cats can get malignant fibrosarcoma from a vaccine. Here at "Best Friends" we use all non adjuvant aluminum free vaccines. This gives your cats the best protection against diseases while ensuring your cat will be less likely to get a tumor from a immunization.

Canine Immunizations: We use top of the line vaccines to provide the best possible protection for your pet against diseases. They are also very safe and least likely to cause an adverse reaction.

Digital Radiology

Recently Dr. Chapman went digital! What this means is once an X-Ray is taken of your pet, the image comes up on the computer screen within 3 seconds! In the event of an emergency, this allows her to see and diagnose the problem right away so treatment can begin sooner. A specialist is available via email if needed.

Laboratory Testing

We now have in house blood machines. We only need 3-6 drops of blood from your pet and 15-30 minutes to give you an answer. These blood machines are FDA approved and are on Air Force 1 and on the battlefields. They do many species of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, lizards and even humans!

We also do in house antibody titer testing for Canine Distemper and Parvo virus. This will tell Dr. Chapman if it is necessary to vaccinate your pet. If your pet's antibody titers are high, there is no need to vaccinate your pet for those diseases. Yearly antibody titers are recommended. Sometimes a booster vaccination is recommended if there is a known exposure or outbreak of a deadly virus.

"SENIOR AT SIX" WELLNESS PROGRAM blood work-up includes complete blood count and chemistry screening to rule out diabetes, kidney, liver, and thyroid disease. It also includes a urinalysis.

We routinely do in house occult heartworm testing, fecal exams for intestinal parasites and feline leukemia and FAIDS testing.

Other in house tests include cytology, ear smears, fungal cultures and electrocardiograms.

Ultrasounds are available by a specialist if needed.

Tahoe - Maine coon

My cat is a big healthy Maine coon that we use for blood transfusions

Nutritional Counseling

Good nutrition is important for your pets health. We can make recommendations for your pet based on it's age and medical condition. We can provide specific food designed to treat malabsorption, heart disease, kidney failure , diabetes and skin disorders.

Behavioral Disorders

Pets can have behavioral disorders. The most common destructive disorder is separation anxiety. Psychological drugs have been recently approved for treatment and are available at "Best Friends". Along with the prescription, Dr. Chapman will counsel you on how to modify your pets undesirable behavior.


Routine dogs baths along with pedicures, ear cleaning, express anal glands if needed and de-matting. We also do professional lion cuts on cats. We have a complete line of flea and tick control products that are very safe and effective.



Our full prescription pharmacy is well stocked to meet all your pet's needs.

Pet Foods

We carry a full supply of prescription diets foods for your pets needs.
There are also some nonprescription diets available as well.
Special orders are available upon request.

Pet Foods

Emergency Services

Emergencies are referred to Pet PB

Located on Congress Ave. and Gateway Blvd. in Boynton Beach

Dr. Chapman and her staff are generally at the hospital about 1-2 hours past closing time. We continue to answer the phone and will see minor emergencies for our regular clients, should one occur.

Dr. Chapman feels that if an animal has to be seen during very late hours, that likely your pet may need to be monitored throughout the night. The Animal Emergency Clinic has a full staff available to meet your pet's medical needs.

(561) 752-3232

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